Starting close to home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina Dan Palmer and Everette Robinson began filming their first project in 1993 and released Waterfalls of Brevard in the spring of 1994. Transylvania County North Carolina, often called the waterfall capital of the world, has an incredible variety of waterfalls.

After the release of the first video to rave reviews from the local communities and tourists from all over the country Dan and Everette decided to continue their endeavors and enlarge the scope of further projects with the result being the first and only series of waterfall videos available.

The value of these beautiful videotapes is increased by the inclusion of a guide booklet that describes the location of these exceptional waterfalls. Many people put the guide booklet in the glove box of thier car and visit a different waterfall every weekend.

The music chosen to accompany the stunning footage is very relaxing and thoughtful. Most of the tapes are lightly sprinkled with informative narration but many people put on thier favorite piece of music, sit back, and enjoy the falls. These tapes also make excellent background videos for parties and family get togethers.

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