Digital Photographic Services

Commercial & Industrial




The art of photography has taken a giant leap. Digital cameras have gone from only being useful for low resolution work to being the main format for high end product photography, fashion, portraits, and has gained acceptance from publishers for catalog and general illustration purposes.


Another advantage of digital imaging for the client is that here at Sugar Creek we give you a digital copy of your photographs to keep and use as and when you see fit. Although we retain our copy of the shots for our archive, the copy that the client receives is every bit as high quality as the original. We take the attitude that if you are paying us to do your photography then you have the right to use the finished product at any time. We do not "keep the negatives" and insist that you return to us for additional prints.

The use of digital equipment is also significantly better for the environment. Traditional photographic processes require large amounts of toxic chemicals and creates disposal problems for community water treatment facilities. By only making the prints that you want you will be helping keep our water supply cleaner.

Here are some photos cropped for dual monitor backgrounds: